Titan Data Services provides Canfield & Joseph Alternative Workspace, Data Recovery systems











Tulsa, OK, August 10, 2017– Tulsa-owned company Canfield & Joseph sustained catastrophic damage in the August 6, 2017 EF-2 tornado in midtown Tulsa. Immediately following the storm, the company initiated their Titan Data Services disaster recovery plan to replicate, restore and recover valuable data. Within 24 hours, the company resumed operations at an alternate workspace at Titan Data Services.

Canfield & Joseph’s Chief Operations Officer, Vicki Brock said, “Thanks to our plan with Titan Data Services, our customers never knew what hit us. We were able to fulfill orders seamlessly and meet their needs with confidence because we had a disaster recovery plan in place.”

Titan Data Services founder and president Jeff Hamra said, “Canfield & Joseph has been a longtime partner with Titan Data Services. We are pleased to provide superior service in this alternate workspace for their accounting and sales divisions as they continue to operate at 100%.”

Titan Data Services provided Canfield &Joseph with ready to go computer systems, phone lines, and office space to operate their accounting and sales divisions.

“Regardless of the size or scope of the business’ needs, Titan Data Services offers affordable options to protect companies’ systems and data,” Hamra said.  “No one should ever face a disaster without a plan. Every company needs insurance for data replication, restoration and recovery.”


Founded in 1996 by Jeff Hamra, Titan Data Services specializes in business disaster recovery and provides data restoration through on-line backup, alternate workspace, and colocation from a secure concrete bunker data center with 12-14-inch concrete walls. Titan is built to banking vault R-5 regulations and can take a direct shot from an EF-5 tornado. Learn more at www.titandataservices.com.