Organizations’ increasing reliance on the Internet and their IT systems to run their business means it’s more important than ever to consistently secure systems and information. Titan Data Services’ group of network experts provides disaster recovery and business continuity services to have your environment back up and running promptly in the event of a disaster.

Titan’s online backup services have redundancies in place to ensure you have multiple clean backups – locally, in Tulsa,  Titan is able to provide rapid recovery to ensure business continuity during unforeseen circumstances that could damage your business.  Whether you lose a database, a server or a whole facility, Titan Data Services recovers your data or entire environment if needed in order to get you back up and running with very little downtime.

Titan Data Services protects our customers’ critical information from data loss with unparalleled backup and recovery services that work… every time.

Titan’s holistic approach to backup and recover also protects our clients from viruses and ransomware by providing virtual machine and failover and failback solutions to mitigate the financial impact of downtime or data loss.