Many organizations continue to rely on low cost, unreliable storage devices to store their backups. While being low cost, they lack the ability to recover data in case there is some form of data loss or failure of the media. Unfortunately, this is not known until after it is too late. In addition, many organizations keep these unreliable backup devices at their facilities; an accident waiting to happen. Then there are the automated tape libraries designed to streamline backup operations. While they may reduce some costs, they exponentially lower the probability of performing successful recoveries. These streamlined backups our performed every day but recovery tests are rarely performed. How often have you been told “the backup logs look great!”? These key facts combined together dramatically reduce your changes of date recovery when most needed.

So what is a “Smart Backup?” A Smart Backup is a process to ensure that Titan Data can make the statement that we will guarantee the protection and recovery of your data. The Smart Backup process includes maintaining a minimum of two encrypted copies of your data in separate offsite certified data centers and optionally a third encrypted copy locally on a backup appliance. The three copies of data are stored on fault-tolerant disk storage systems to ensure it can be retrieved when necessary. The process also includes the continuous testing and validation of backup data. The Asigra software continuously checks the integrity of backup sets and reports any problems that are uncovered so they can be addressed immediately; not when it’s time to do a recovery when it’s too late. Finally the Smart Backup process includes the ongoing monitoring of backup operations by Titan support staff. Our team monitors all backup jobs and alerts the customer immediately if there are problems. Again, how often have you been told “the backup logs look great!”?

As another part of our Smart Backup service, Titan provides our prospects with an accurate estimate of the cost of the service so there are no surprises when the monthly invoices begin to arrive. We perform an analysis of your current storage usage focusing on how frequently and how much data changes, the type and age of the data and where the data is located. Titan reviews the report results with the prospect to insure we understand the backup needs of the prospect before we launch the service.

The Titan Backup Appliance – At the core of Titan’s Smart Backup Service is our backup appliance or BA. For our customers who have two or more servers to protect or require business continuity and/or DR services we recommend incorporating the BA into our solution. Upon arrival simply plug in the power cords and network cable and Titan takes over from there.

The BA provides standard features including:

  • Management of Backup and Recovery – Isolates backup and restore operations from the client’s computing environment,
  • Local copy – Maintains local copies of backup data for rapid restores,
  • Caching of Backup Operations – Continues backup operations when the appliance cannot reach our data vault by caching backup data until normal service returns,
  • Rapid Failover – of client physical servers to the appliance when a failure of the server occurs, and
  • Rapid Failover and Failback of virtual servers to/from the appliance when a server failure occurs