Welcome to Titan Data Services Partner Program! The goal of our Partner Program is to offer two choices based on your sales and support resources. The information contained in this document is meant to provide an overview of each program delineating Titan Data Services and partner responsibilities.

Titan Data Services (TDS) Cloud BURR is an efficient, cost-effective, and transformational backup solution aligned with the Cloud Computing era that makes it easy for organizations of all sizes to optimize, economize, and modernize their backup processes.

By simplifying and streamlining the backup/recovery process, TDS Cloud BURR saves time, money and other IT resources spent on routine backup activities. It also protects organizations from the potential business risks associated with failed backups and recoveries by insuring that client’s data will be restored / recovered in the fastest time possible in the case of data loss or corruption.

Why sell backup/recovery services to your customers?

First and foremost, Titan Data Services’ Cloud BURR will help you expand your service offerings and increase your revenue stream. This service presents an opportunity to generate a new, recurring revenue stream. Remember, TDS Cloud BURR services are billed as a utility…each month the customer pays for the total amount of data they back up. Essentially, you sell once and get paid every month. In addition, our platform will also allow you to introduce a variety of Disaster Recovery services to your clients and allow you add additional revenue.

Our Cloud BURR also provides an opportunity for you to add value to your customers. It establishes you as a trusted advisor who can help diagnose and solve customers’ problems – problems they may not even realize they have!

Finally, introducing our Cloud BURR gives you a valid reason for more in-depth discussions with current customers, re-establishing contacts at dormant accounts, and connecting with potential new customers.

All Data Center Features

  • High availability network and VMware cluster infrastructure
  • Storage and networking redundant pathing
  • SAAE16 Type 1 certified with annual audit
  • Redundant access control and monitoring systems with 24 x 365 onsite security
  • Up to 1 Gbps network connectivity
  • Multi-party redundant network infrastructure
  • Multiple carriers
  • Separate Public Utility Power Grid
  • Full UPS power and battery back-up systems