Titan Data Services has been protecting organizations data for more than two decades. Titan secures critical systems, ensuring seamless data restoration should the worst happen.

While backing up business systems is critical, it is useless without the expertise and processes in place to restore a backup quickly for your business continuity.  Titan Data Services specializes in backup and recovery – with the skills and technical knowledge to ensure the recovery is successful.

Titan provides small to medium enterprises an affordable means to protect their systems and data with the same level of effectiveness and security that larger organizations are capable of achieving.

Titan’s Value Propositions

Titan Data Services value propositions to our customers include:

  • freeing up IT staff to allow work on other projects
  • saving costs, compared to the cost of tape‐based backup and restore methods
  • increasing confidence that data is properly protected off‐site
  • providing hot‐standby virtual machines and alternate workspace and workstations for disaster recovery scenarios

Titan’s Cloud Backup Services offer the advantage of automatic and unattended backups for data environments ranging from mobile devices, single‐user laptop PCs through to enterprise‐wide environments and cloud services.

Our Locations

We provide service in Tulsa, our  facility is essentially a “bank vault on steroids.”  Poured monolithically, the data center has 12-14 inch concrete walls and ceilings, all heavily reinforced with rebar steel. The shell of the Tulsa center weighs more than 1 ¼ million pounds. The door to the Tulsa backup facility is 7” of solid steel that weighs 15,000 pounds. The facility could be in the eye of an F5 tornado for days and the only impact on the facility would be on its landscaping.