We got that 3 AM Call— the worst had happened.

A fire that started in the Coupling Department destroyed the second floor offices of UPCO which housed the company’s data records and information technology equipment.

screen-shot-2016-10-13-at-2-53-31-pmUpon arriving at the facility in the wee hours of that morning, November 19, the damages were assessed. It was bad. The blaze had destroyed all the company’s computers and network servers as well as the physical offices of the UPCO’s administration employees. Luckily, none of the employees were inside the facility when the fire broke out.

Critical incident recovery processes began immediately. The displaced employees set up office at an UPCO sister company in Tulsa. New servers were delivered and installed. Software was loaded and configured. And the network was back up.

Backups of all UPCO essential data records are kept securely at Titan Data Services. With Titan’s Data Backup & Recovery software now installed on the new servers, the data was seamlessly restored via the network by the Titan team.

Back in business.

Many companies never recover after a major event such as fire. Why? Because they fail to realize not only the importance of having a backup and recovery plan but, the significance of having a true partner in the event of just such a disaster.

UPCO had that plan and with it’s trusted partner, Titan Data Services, fully recovered in less than 24 hours, at no cost to UPCO!


UPCO, Inc.
Claremore, OK


Fire destroyed the onsite data records and information technology equipment.


Titan Data Backup & Recovery Services


Full recovery in less than 24 hours.

UPCO’s 140,000 square foot manufacturing facility, in Claremore, Oklahoma, is the second largest in the world for the production of sucker rods.

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