Founded in December 2002, the Tulsa Spine & Specialty Hospital specializes in excellence in Surgical Services, Diagnostic Imaging, and Pain Management.

screen-shot-2016-10-13-at-2-59-35-pmThe hospital offers state-of-the art and most advanced MRI, computed tomography and myelography technology available. It is the depth of experience and the abilities of the physicians and nurses at Tulsa Spine & Specialty Hospital that make it the ideal place for “high tech” and “high touch” to unite.

Disaster or loss of data will occur in any information driven business. But for a healthcare provider operating in a paperless environment, mitigating risks for loss of data, delay of data retrieval or hardware outages is even more critical.

Interruptions or loss of business continuity can most often result in noncompliance with federal regulators and worse, may be life-threatening to our patients.

To ensure 24/7 secure protection, we partnered with Titan for our disaster recovery and business continuity needs and glad we did.


Tulsa Spine & Specialty Hospital
Tulsa, OK


Experienced server hardware outage and data loss incident.


Titan Data Backup & Recovery Services


  • Full recovery
  • Minimized downtime
  • Data backup in just minutes
  • Reduced risks for human error and tape failure
  • Regular nightly backup schedule instead of infrequent backup

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