The Titan Data Services’ Process

Titan Data Services is an established, expert business continuity services firm that helps clients safeguard their intellectual property – data. Titan Data Services offers full data protection services, business continuity and disaster recovery services. All of our business processes are designed to insure our clients’ data and systems are safe, secure and recoverable.

Scalable For Business Growth

By using the latest hardware and software technologies available in the data protection industry Titan Data will tailor a solution to meet your data protection needs. Our commitment in providing an affordable, flexible delivery models enables our clients to “scale as they grow” and “pay as they go.” As your needs change, Titan Data will be there to insure protection of your data and systems.

Data Protection:

  • Data Backup and Restore
  • System Backup and Recovery
  • Long term Archival and Retrieval
  • Utilize FIPS 140-2 Encryption Standard
  • Business Continuity Services
  • Disaster Recovery Services

Disaster Recovery:

  • State-of the art R5 facility equipped and ready
  • Alternative Workstations
  • Business Continuity Planning and Services
  • Disaster Recovery Planning and Services

Hybrid Cloud Data Centers:

  • Multiple SAAE16 SOC 1Type 2 certified Data Centers
  • Separate Public Power Grids
  • Backup Data Replicated between Centers
  • Long term Archival Data maintained in Amazon’s Storage Cloud

Data Backup and Recovery

The changing business climate, complexity of data networks, viruses and Ransomware have companies reevaluating data protection and recovery needs. Titan Data provides businesses with the experience and expertise to optimize the security of their data and the ability to recover it rapidly.

Perhaps the most important aspect to storing data is the ability to recover that data fast and efficiently while assuring the protection of intellectual assets. Titan provides the capability to restore your data quickly so you don’t have to worry about lost sales or workflow. If Titan has deployed one of their backup appliances at your site data recovery can be performed from a local copy maintained on the appliance. This eliminates the need to transfer the recovered data over the public network.

Data Archiving and Compliance

In general, as data ages within systems it is more likely to be referenced less frequently and may eventually become stale. However, it is also likely that some of this data may have to be retained to meet some form of compliance.  By using retention rules, Titan can archive this aging but important information for safe keeping.  This also allows you to free up value disk storage space on your systems.

Business Continuity and Data Recovery

As the cost of data communications services have decreased and data transfer/throughput has dramatically increased in recent years it is now feasible for companies to implement the ability to quickly recover/restore their computing systems rapidly and at a fraction of the cost. Today Titan Data can incorporate these types of advanced recovery services into our backup services. By utilizing Titan’s proven backup appliance, recovery of your servers and critical business applications can be performed by simply powering on a virtual server located on the backup appliance.

Titan can also maintain copies of your systems in one of our SAAE16 SOC 1Type 2 certified Data Centers or in your own offsite recovery center. Once again, if there is a substantial failure at your facility that disables your computer infrastructure Titan can turn on copies of systems in our DR data center and provide remote access to them in a matter of hours.

Alternate Workstations and Workspace

Imagine a fire has gutted your facilities. You have your data secured and backed up offsite at our data center but you have no way to access it. Our facilities are equipped to handle just such an event. Titan provides alternative workstations and space as a way to continue the core business tasks that could quickly eat away at your profits if you are unable to proceed.


Titan offers businesses and organizations the opportunity to reduce the costs associated with IT infrastructure through co-location. Perhaps your facility doesn’t have the room necessary for the growth of your IT assets. Titan can help you keep pace with that growth with the facilities to house and monitor the servers and other hardware that are a must to your mission.